Monday, January 23rd, 2017
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Hello gay comics fans and welcome to Gay Erotic Comics! You've CUM across (groan) a small free site with two sample galleries from two gay comics series, "Marble Cock 2" and "The Computer Geek", both series by the prolific and popular 3D CGI gay artist named FILBERT.

"Marble Cock 2" is an amusing sequel to the original popular "Marble Cock" 3D gay comic telling the tale of a magical male statue that really CUMS to life!  Here in this set of samples the cock is missing from the statue and two adventurous guys get together to attempt resuscitation.

The next comic "The Computer Geek", frankly, at least in this set of comics, doesn't have much plot to it, just a sorry but amusing excuse to get in some hot gay sex!  OK, a summary: a sexy computer repairman pays a visit to another young man's apartment and the repairs somehow never quite get underway. What could have happened?  I will say that the CGI work in this set of comics is admirable with some interesting perspectives.

These two Gay Erotic Comics samples come from the pioneering site in the 3D gay comics genre, with 100% Original and Exclusive art & stories, the respected and popular!  Check out the samples to the right from 3D Gay World's huge and growing library of top-notch gay comics... that is some good-looking shit, no?
Check these samples from 3D Gay World's

HORNY and HILARIOUS gay comics series - AWESOME!
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